clean. pure.

power & sound.

Headphones & cables light years ahead of the competition.

engineered for maximum performance

Built from the ground up with performance in mind. Whether it’s in our cables or headphones, you will never be let down.

Interference Free

All of our products are 100% EMI free, meaning you will never experience any sort or interference again.

Built To Last

Reinforced and shielded connections, making our cables and headphones virtually indestructible.

Lightning Fast

Build for speed, transferring files, power or simply charging your phone. Never again be left waiting.


Thoroughly Handpicked Colour Range

The hardest decision you will have to make is what colour to choose.

People Are Xcyted!

  • "the most incredible sound I have ever heard in earphones.  Finally I found earphones that really do bring my fave music to life."

  • "They actually charge my phone in a fraction of the time compared to my existing cable.  Xcyte has a fan for life."

  • "By far the best sound I have ever heard in music cables."

  • probably the best sounding earbuds you will ever see and they are not from those big name companies and are less than $100 a pair. From Xcyte, a rather unique cable company.

    Robert SanbornEditor in Chief - PCLL.COM

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