Xcyte Pro Stereo Earphone – Surround Sound

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Xcyte’s ground breaking pro earphones allow you to Xplore, Xpress and Xcyte your senses.

Xctye Pro Sound, music the way it meant to be
Deep bass, crystal clear highs and unprecedented mid range
Customised fit, because no two ears are the same
Make and receive calls with in-built mic
Lightning fast cables means the clearest of sound

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Product Description


Pro Sound

Get a truly professional quality of sound. Listen to your music exactly the way the artist intended, with Xcyte pro sound.


There is nothing worse than a untangling cables, which is why we’ve designed our cables to spring back to their original form. No more twisted, tangled cables in your pocket.

Take Calls On The Go

Easily switch from your favourite tunes or podcast to that important call. In-built mic makes taking that pressing phone call a breeze and immediately switches back when your done.

Built Tough

Let’s face it, we don’t always take the best of care with our earphones, which is why we use tough aluminium alloy housing. Earphones built to last the test of time.

EMI? What EMI?

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) causes all sorts of loss to sound quality. Not with the Xcyte Signature Earphones. +99% reduction in EMI means clear, noiseless sound. 

Tech Specs

Xcyte earphone Specification

Voice Diaphragm : Φ10mm, 6u

Frequency range: 20-20,000Hz

Sensitive intensity:110dB±3dB

Cable resistance weight:6Kg

Cable length:120cm

Microphone:High sensitivity unidirectional

Electrical impedance:16Ω

Plug type:3.5mm/4 poles

Power output:5Mw (maximum)

Conductor spec – 4N class oxygen free enameled copper wire 0.08mmx10

Earphone flat cable size – 4.0mm X 1.0mm

Conductor Dimension – 0.05mm² x 4 wires

Basic shielding – Adopt 99%+ EMI shielding metallic Mylar

Additional Information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 5 cm


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  1. admin

    Guys, these are no doubt the best earphones in the world. I can not believe how good the sound is!!! I have used cheap and expensive brands but the Xcyte Pro model leaves the rest for dead. They are a comfortable fit in my ears and the sound clarity is mind blowing. I hope you sell millions as they beat any big brand name on the market. Great work Xcyte. David Johnson

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